Address is Approximate

This is an example of how technology can empower individuals to create their own artworks which would have been impossible, say, 20 years ago. Back then, what took many people months to do, can now be accomplished by one person using software tools and technology available today.

This short film uses simple technology – stop motion, a good DSLR and a “customised slider” (now sure what this is, but it sounds simple enough). Using just simple technology, a moving story can be told. There is a clear narrative, the film is emotionally evocative and atmospheric, and the desire to travel and see the world is clearly expressed through the character of the desk toy puppet. I love the way Google Maps was used to create the landscape on the computer screen, as if the puppet was actually travelling in real physical space. Google Maps is an amazing technology which allows the user to hyper-travel the world.

I love the visuals, music, the camera movement and whole aesthetic quality of the film. Bravo!

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