My first post – Walt Disney’s & Salvador Dali – Destino 2003

I have decided to start a blog, partly out of impulse and boredom, but also for other reasons. For one, I would like to keep track of my growth as an artist, and this would mean chronicling my sources of inspiration and reference material. Secondly, I would like to share my knowledge with others, since the more people know about new media art, which is what I do, the better it is for me and the new media art scene.

What is new media art you might ask. A very good question. New media art is still being defined, and hence its definition is still forgivably somewhat amorphous, but I shall attempt to give my two cents worth.

New media art is a very new kind of art, the art that is happening now rather than in the past. It is the kind of art that the Information Age has empowered and given birth to, as artists use open source software and hobbyist kits to create their own artworks, and form virtual communities online to share their knowledge and works.

New media art usually involves some kind of audience interaction, and this is what my discipline is about. In our everyday lives, we always interact with technology through some kind of interface, the most commonly known ones being the keyboard, mouse and screen. But there are many other kinds of possible interactions using sensors, electronics and other media. New media art can incorporate elements of fine arts or performance arts, and usually involve multiple skill sets and collaboration between different groups of people.

If you are still scratching your head over the definition of new media art, please refer to my essays where I give a more elaborate explanation. Okay! With that definition safely out of the way (I hope), I shall kick off this blog with a beautiful short animation.

A realization of a collaboration between Salvador Dali and Walt Disney which began 58 years ago but never completed. The short animation speaks of impossible love, a fantastical imagination and conjures endless metaphors and stories in my head. Salvador Dali’s art and sculptures often evoke the theme of time, his famous image of the melting clock coming to mind. This short film follows his art style faithfully, speaking to the innermost recesses of our subconscious mind, since the subconscious is also his source of inspiration. Simply beautiful.

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