The Economist | Technology and society: More than just digital quilting

The Economist | Technology and society: More than just digital quilting article here

I came across this article while reading The Economist on my phone and was struck by how it is related to the interactive art course I am pursuing in LASALLE. The article talks about a new kind of creative revolution (the Maker movement, as The Economist calls it) made possible by the Internet, open source technology and a community of like-minded hobbyists and hackers. It specifically mentions Arduino, an open source platform that can be used to make robots and interface with all sorts of sensors, electronics and the computer.

Arduino is one of the core technologies taught in my school, the other one being Processing – a simplified programming language for artists. The article also mentions 3D printing which allows one to realize 3D designs on the same screen into physical form. 3D printing is also one of the technologies taught in my course.

The article predicts how the Maker movement can change the way science and technology can be taught in schools – in an exploratory and open-ended manner. It also mentions how a mass culture is being built around open source tools, as evidenced by a growing number of festivals, shows and events that showcase such works.

There are more and more schools teaching new media art as well as media art festivals that are a part of this Maker movement. So it is that I am a part of this movement.

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