Mobile Mobile: an interactive installation


One would never equate mobile phones with the idea of a choir right? The two things just don’t seem to match. But James Theophane did exactly that. Commissioned by an interactive agency in London, Theophane re-interpreted the idea of a Christmas tree as the focal point in a communal space. He came up with the idea of hanging about 50 mobile phones in a six-metre wide chandelier structure at the reception area of the agency’s studio.

I immediately liked this installation when I saw this video and I have to admit that it is a biased preference. The primary reason being that I sing in a choir and I know this Christmas tune – “Ukrainian Bell Carol”, aka “Carol of the Bells”, a lovely choral arrangement which mimics the sounds of bells chiming.

The interactive part of this installation is that you can send a tweet to activate the installation. You can also go online, compose your own jingle and get the mobile phones to play it for you. You can also play it on-site using a custom screen interface.

This work is successful in terms of its aesthetic beauty, its novel concept, its use of technology and in conveying a Christmas mood. Speaking of which, Christmas is just around the corner. Here’s wishing one and all a Merry Merry Christmas!

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