Sketch of a Pacman frog

Pacman frog

OK so this is a silly little post. I came across a funny looking frog surfing Youtube late one night and became rather fascinated. So I was inspired to do some research and did this quick sketch from a picture to explore its visual form.

Pacman frogs are kept as pets in America. They are voracious eaters, eating just about anything that moves, up to half their own size. They are aggressive and will eat their own kind even. They are also known as horned frogs as they have tiny horns above each eye. The female is larger than the male and can grow up to a foot long. The male croaks and can make loud squeals or chirps. They can live up to 6-10 years in captivity and are quite hardy as long as they have the right living conditions. They are bred for their ornamentation and colours. They are named after the Pacman game character because of their round shape. Notice that the width of their mouths are almost as wide as their abdomens.

Oh, and I finally have a sketchbook now to doodle with. Both a paper one and an electronic version on my iPad. So I can practice my drawing more. One small sketch of a frog, one big leap for me. Pun intended. Rawr.

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