Ballet Way of Life – Royal Ballet of Flanders

I am no small fan of dance. I respect dancers a lot. For every minute of their performance you see on stage, the time they spend preparing is multiplied many many times. The kind of discipline required to hone their bodies to be able to execute those strenuous moves and to practice till they become one with the music and one another, is something that is not to be underestimated lightly. It takes many years to be a good dancer.

I was moved to years when I watched the Russian Bolshoi Ballet do a version of Swan Lake in 2003. During the show, there came a particular moment when the music, lights, costumes, story and dance came together, and transformed into one sublime revelation which shattered my aesthetic ignorance towards the art form of dance forever.

I don’t know who made this video but the camera angles, editing and cinematography captures the beauty and passion of ballet superbly. There are several heart-stopping moments in the video that made me gasp in awe.

Dance deals with space and movement. Out of our five senses, the sense of touch is the most primal and emotive one of all. Babies learn and communicate through touch before they understand what they see or hear. Watching a dance performance evokes our sense of touch and tactility as the dancers move through space and communicate with us with their bodily movements.

New media art installations that deal with movement and space, especially those that require the audience to interact physically with the object, space or one another, have the potential to communicate the artwork’s context powerfully.

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