Storybox, NZ Art Collective

Met the director and founder of Storybox – Robert Appierdo – sometime this week. Storybox is the New Zealand non-profit art collective (founded 2007) that uses shipping containers for site-specific multi-media installations dealing with issues of history, culture, heritage and identity. Storybox is curating the “i Light Marina Bay” light festival at the Marina Bay area next month.

Appierdo and his crew came to my school to capture some footage for the media installations for the Bay area. The faces of my classmates and I will be flashing across some of the huge screens at the festival next month, together with many other faces captured all around the world.

I am really excited about the festival also because my class will be working on one of the artworks in the containers. I am humbled and and awed by the encounter with Appierdo and Storybox. He showed us some of their works which are really amazing, including this project shown in the above video. Something similar to these container artworks will be shown next month at Marina Bay.

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