Learning how to program


“Programming is, without a doubt, the most mentally rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Programming taught me that life should be fun, filled with creativity, and lived to the fullest. Programming taught me that anything is possible; I can do anything I want using only my mind.

Programming also taught me that learning is fun. It showed me that the more you know, the more power you have. Programming showed me that a life filled with learning is a life worth living. Programming revealed to me who I am inside, and has continuously helped me work towards my goals.”

Since I am leading a programmer’s life now – my main project these few months involve some kind of programming language – I found this article interesting. It’s not easy learning a new language (Pure Data in my case, a visual programming language for manipulating sound) and I have been spending a LOT of time on it. I have developed a healthy respect for good programmers because I realise programming requires a certain tenacity, focus and determination to make it work.

The article advises to:

1. Install Linux

2. Have an intense desire

3. Build small command line programs

4. Write, write, write

5. Join an online community

6. Have fun

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