Sixth Sense – wearable gestural interface

A wearable device that interfaces the virtual with the physical world. A camera tracks your finger gestures via coloured finger caps as input to the computer. A projector then projects onto any surface the output of  your actions, whether it is the information on a book you are holding, an image of a watch with the time on your wrist, or a picture that you have taken previously with the camera.

This device becomes a “sixth sense” as it is worn on  the body and behaves like an extra sense. It allows another dimension of interaction with the physical world via virtual data. I find the idea of projecting onto any surface rather futuristic. You can convert any surface into the function of a computer screen. Also, I like the idea of using natural hand gestures as the user interface with technology, as opposed to the traditional mouse and keyboard, or touchscreen. This kind of gestural interface draws upon the peripheral sense of proprioception, that is, of our sense of 3D space and distance.

I wonder if this “sixth sense” technology is a prototype of what is to come. In the context of new media art however, such technologies are familiar, in view of creating new aesthetic experiences for the audience.

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