iLight project


This is a test setup of the iLight project as part of the iLight Marina Bay light festival later this month. Done as a class project, it is the first time the six of us are working as a team for one big project. This is also our first “real-world” project which will be displayed in public. We could not have done it without the support and guidance of our programme coordinator – Andreas.

Above is the wooden base support and wiring for the acrylic light panels. As you can see from the pictures, a lot of work is required. A classmate and I spent three whole days in the wood workshop measuring, cutting and drilling the wood, with the wood being our two-man main contribution to the project. The rest of my classmates did the wiring and soldering, and also, the programming. The best programmer in my class designed the “brain” of the project, which is the Arduino hardware controller which provides the logic behaviour of the 72 LEDs. His blog post on this project can be found here.


We have not removed the covers for the acrylic sheets as we are afraid of them getting scratched, so the panels are actually much brighter than this. Only one row is lit up above, but the actual setup will have three rows of light which are animated in real time according to some sound samples we took along the Singapore River. This artwork is to be set up in a container at the Marina Bay promotory early next week. The Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore will be opening the event next Friday 9 Mar. My classmates and I are excited about this project and are looking forward to seeing it exhibited. We are also representing our school, LASALLE College of the Arts, for this festival and hope to do the school proud. I will put up pictures of the completed exhibit at Marina Bay once it’s done.

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