Holiday semester

python programming by John Zelle
python programming by John Zelle

My three month break has started much to the envy of my friends who are working fulltime. I will be doing personal projects to occupy myself. First off is to learn Python. There are three reasons why I want to learn Python:-

1) It is a suitable programming language as an induction into computer science.

2) The other reason is for me to be able to use the Raspberry Pi when my order arrives in July.

3) The third reason why I am learning this is so that I can create quick and dirty solutions to the Euler problems for Math that can be found online.

Thanks to Jacky Boen, my geek-comrade and classmate who recommended me Python and for lending me this excellent guide book as well. Thanks mate! There are 13 chapters and I’m now at Chapter 5. Quite easy so far since I already have some programming background.

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