LASALLE Graduation Show 2012


I’ve been busy preparing for the LASALLE Graduation Show 2012 which involves putting up the semester’s projects we did as a class at a gallery. There are two installations that will be set up for my class – the ILight Marina Bay light sculpture and the Abstraction performance installation’s video mapping onto the set. Both projects are documented in “Year2Sem2”.

This is the first time I am involved in an exhibition setup. It involves lighting issues, planning out the space layout, electric cabling and using pedestals to present the exhibits. I will be helping to gallery sit as well. I am looking forward to the Graduation Show and seeing some of my friends drop by to view the exhibits.

I am happy that the six of us in my class will be graduating with a diploma. It has been a great semester working with my classmates, all talented and wonderful people. I am looking forward to one more year with them for our degree studies.

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