Kinetic rain at Changi airport terminal 1

The making-of video is here.

Consisting of 608 raindrops, this kinetic sculpture at Changi airport terminal one has been garnering much public attention and praise. The context and theme being “the dream of flying”, it takes on various shapes such as an aeroplane, moving waves and individual raindrops. I love the aesthetics, design and form of this artwork. Raindrops suspended in the air weave a narrative of the dream of flight through the maneuvering and reconfiguring of physical space.

It is a beautiful example of how technology (programming, computational data) can combine with traditional art forms (sculpture) to produce new media art. Kinetic sculpture installations such as this are part of an emerging trend.

I actually met the creative director behind this project Jussi Angesleva (his portfolio) before. He came to my school once to present his works and ideas to the students. What a small world.

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