User interface design

User interface design is important because it affects how one interacts with technology. It is a multi-disciplinary skill that includes graphic design, psychology, and also understanding the workflow process and functionality of the product. A good user interface design makes the product easy to use, which results in a remarkably intuitive behaviour on the part of the user. For example, the iPad predicts the user’s desired action outcomes using only very simple controls, such as swipe, press and hold, double tap and so on. The user screen for any software application should use understandable icons, a layout that respects the hierarchy of vision, sensible fonts and colour combinations. A rule of thumb in designing user interfaces, as in all design in general: Keep It Simple and Stupid (KISS).

I wrote this post as an inspired comment upon visiting Jackie Tran’s website. He is a visual designer based in Prague who specialises in Apple app icon and user interface design. His photoshop skills are awesome. To quote Jackie from his Aug 10 tweet “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” A sample of his works:-

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