French data visualisation experts Dataveyes create an interactive map of Rennes

Screenshot of interactive map of Rennes
Screenshot of interactive map of Rennes

A really excellent example of what data visualisation can do. It compresses Big Data into a visually understandable form and a compact space that can be navigated and explored in an open-ended manner.

Interactive map found here. Description as follows:-

Where do you fit into the city? French data-visualisation maps demographics from a personal perspective

Are you in a local minority or majority? Which part of the city do similar people live in? French data visualisation specialists Dataveyes have created an interactive map of Rennes, showing the city’s demographic breakdown from the perspective of an individual person or household. Residents can select their sex and age to find out what proportion of the population share the same characteristics, or highlight an employment status, profession or marital status to explore the spatial distribution of people in the same group. You can also explore the city’s composition at household-level, with data grouped according to type of accommodation, tenure and number of rooms. Click one of the city’s 37 municipalities to view a breakdown of its population according to one of the socioeconomic indicators.

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