Why I want to be programming at 50

This article really hits the nail explaining why programmers will never run out of jobs and why programming is really an easy job. According to the article, it summarises the perks of programming into the following points (my comments in italics) :-

  • Little or no required education (you can learn programming by yourself. In fact, this is the best way to learn)
  • Good compensation, even for mediocre performers (good programmers are hard to find)
  • Millions of jobs (everyone needs programmers)
  • No physical effort (although it requires mental effort, something that you can do even if you are old and not so physically able as you are in your youth)
  • No health or legal risks (no hazardous work environments. You can do it in the comfort of your own home or anywhere with a computer and an internet connection)

quote “With demand outstripping supply, there’s enough space in programming for everyone. This makes for a not-so-competitive environment, compared to, say, finance/investment banking type of jobs. Programmers are also typically shielded from customers and senior management – the kind of people who’re always right, a trait making communication somewhat tiresome.” unquote

Yes. I want to be programming even when I am 50.

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