A new Processing library called Ketai

Rapid Android Development
His book

The open source community is one that I admire and respect greatly. They are made up of techie artists who create free tools and platforms for other artists to use. Members share their works openly and are willing to share their knowledge and help others in their projects. Some of these people write software libraries for programming languages that can perform special functions. One such person is Daniel Sauter, and he wrote a library for the Processing language called Ketai that enables the user to create Processing sketches on Android phones. He is currently Associate Professor of New Media Arts
at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

The KETAI library for Processing (Android Mode) simplifies working with Android sensors, cameras, and networking, and allows for ADK Arduino. Includes support for sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope, location manager, front- and back cameras, Bluetooth, WiFi Direct, Near Field Communication, and more…

He did a workshop at LASALLE about a week ago and we implemented some simple apps on Android phones that used the touchscreen, accelerometer, GPS and camera.

This library is such an awesome contribution to the open source community! Especially now that smart phones are becoming so ubiquitous and are sensor rich devices that provide many artistic possibilities.

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