An interview with Andrew Bunnie Huang

Referenced article: “MAKE’s Exclusive Interview with Andrew (bunnie) Huang – The End of Chumby, New Adventures

I really respect this guy. He has a PhD from MIT and does open source projects with a community focus. He is very willing to share his expertise and experiences with others. He helps startups and has a very very solid technical background. He is into DIY, hardware hacking and creating innovative products. Also a firm supporter of the maker movement and open source technology. I really like his attitude on lifelong learning, to keep learning and trying new things, and willingness to take risks for a larger cause.

In this interview, he shares his experiences and offers insight into the startup tech industry. Interestingly, he spent 2012 in Singapore on a sabbatical and had good things to say about Singapore. He keeps a blog here and tweets here. Thumbs up to this guy!

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