Dec 2012 holiday projects

I have several projects in various stages during the 6 week December school break:-

The C Programming Language by Dennis RitchieFinished reading Dennis Ritchie’s classic book on The C Programming Language. My thoughts are that C is a very compact and simple yet powerful language. It is closer to assembly language and how actual hardware works, thus providing fundamental understanding of programming. It is a good foundation for learning the more advanced languages like Java and C++. C is the language that Linux is written in and is thus a good language for writing operating system software. My next step is to practice using C (by perhaps solving the Euler math problems online).

Making Things SeeStarted reading a book “Making Things See” by Greg Borenstein, about using the Microsoft Kinect with Processing and Arduino. This is in preparation for next semester’s project with dancers. The book is by Make magazine, and thus speaking in the same language as me being a new media artist.

mobile phone app development

Started a freelance project on a mobile phone application. I am under a Non Disclosure Agreement on what the app is about. All I can say is that I am excited about creating an app that can help people lead better lives, while giving me the opportunity to learn about mobile phone app development. I am working with some of my classmates on this project.

Open Call

About to complete submitting a proposal for an open art call to design a wall mural for an underpass at the Singapore River. I am working with my supervisor and a few other people from my college. Hopefully we get selected, which means that our artwork will be exhibited in a public space.

Arc Reactor prototype

About to complete creating my own Ironman arc reactor core. This is a purely fun and personal project of my own since I am a fan of the comic book character. Am almost done. All I need to do is to get a harness for it to make it wearable. Maybe I can wear it next Halloween! Will post about it on this blog once it’s done.

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