‘Clouds’ – an interactive documentary

This ‘Clouds’ documentary in the making has been generating a lot of buzz online, such as the one here on  Creative Applications Network, because it involves a number of famous new media artists coming together to make a documentary about new media art, tag lined as ‘creativity through the lens of code’. It also utilises a new movie format called RGB-D that consists of a high resolution DSLR camera paired with a Microsoft Kinect (which has a sucky low-res webcam). The final result will be an application which you can download and run on your Windows or Mac desktop. Since it is an open-source project without corporate or government sponsorship, the filmmakers have put up their project on Kickstarter here, and have successfully raised $34K (out of $25K needed) on 8 Jan ’13. The documentary will be interactive in a manner described as navigating a documentary in a video game-like setting. Definitely interesting.

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