‘The Treachery of Sanctuary’ by Chris Milk


This Kinect installation by Chris Milk is fun and entertaining. The audience can take a momentary flight of fantasy by having virtual wings and having a flock of birds erupt from one’s body on the screen. It is a feat of incredible technical skill as well, the process of which is described here. The following description is taken from Chris Milk’s website.


The Treachery of Sanctuary, currently touring the world with The Creators Project, is a large-scale interactive triptych: a story of birth, death, and transfiguration that uses projections of the participants’ own bodies to unlock a new artistic language.

The work consists of three 30-foot high white panel frames suspended from the ceiling on which digitally captured shadows are reprojected.  A shallow reflecting pool sits between the viewers and the screens.  In the background, an openFrameworks application utilizes the Microsoft Kinect SDK for Windows.  This talks to a front end running Unity3D in which articulated 3D models of birds interact with the shadows captured by three hidden Kinects.

Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, 2012
CENTQUATRE, Paris, 2012
Moinho, São Paulo, 2012
Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, 2012
Dongdaemun Design Center, Seoul, 2012

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