what is UDOO

This Kickstarter project has raised slightly over $500,000 over a $27,000 goal. It looks promising as a physical computing and prototyping tool for students, hobbyists, artists, interaction designers and even commercial companies to use.

UDOO closeup

Look at the amount of endorsement by other organisations. No wonder it attracted so much funding. So many people are excited about this product.


UDOO’s goals taken from the Kickstarter webpage:-

UDOO goals:

  • Develop an innovative product for a growing market
  • Give a new vision to the educational framework: the idea is to train up a new generation of engineers, designers and software developers skilled in digital technology: physical computing, multi-media arts, interactive arts, IoT…
  • Boost up the DIY world
  • Offer a low cost embedded platform for interactive art with powerful tools: Processing, OpenCV, PureData, openFramework
  • Provide companies with a great tool for fast prototyping

I don’t think it can really go wrong. Arduino and RaspPi are both really big right now and this combines the best of both platforms. There’s a good writeup with more details about the product on the Kickstarter page. I’m quite excited about this and will try and get my hands on it once it’s ready for distribution.

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