Poco Poco


It is not easy to work with sound in general, to create pleasing or meaningful kinds of sound in media art. This sound object / installation from the IDEEA Lab (Interaction, Design, Entertainment, Education and Art) in the Graduate School of System Design Tokyo Metropolitan University has succeeded in creating a fun and engaging sound performance using a new kind of interface. This makes for a rather cool jamming performance.

Here is the description:-

PocoPoco is a new musical interface which an user can play only by very intuitive and tactile actions such as “pushing”, “catching” and “turning”. We developed original solenoid actuator units with built-in several sensors, and produced a box-shaped device using 16 the units as an universal input/output device. And we apply the up-and-down movement of them to new musical expression. This device is a versatile interface that can atrract both player and audience by physical movement of the interface itself and have possibility to be used in a wide range of applications including games, telecommunication, and musical performance.

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