3D Audio Android App

3dsound_1 3dsound_2

I met Ted Chen and Phyo Ko Ko at the Singapore Mini-Maker Faire last week. They are behind this really cool Android app called “3D Audio” that allows you to listen to your music in 3D mode. You can control where you want your stereo sound to come from, two sound channels for left and right audio. I love the interface design which is simple and intuitive and attractive at the same time. Ko Ko was telling me he coded the interface from scratch and it took three months to code! This is because the design layout is customised. I downloaded and tried out the app and it works excellently. Kudos to the two of them. They are part of this spin-off company from the Nanyang Technological University called Immersive Soundscape. You can search for the app on the Android store by typing “dsp 3d audio”. The app is called “3D Audio Demo” by Immersive Soundscape. Go on, try it and be amazed!

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