A House is not a Home


This is a library and field research project to lay the contextual foundations for a future interactive artwork. This was done as a paired group work spanning over 7 weeks. The research topic deals with how designed urban space affects the social interactions in that space, specifically in the context of public housing in Singapore. While the physical infrastructure has been widely acknowledged to be successful in solving the housing shortage of the past, the intangible aspects of what makes a house a home bears further scrutiny.

This research attempts to draw some conclusions on how a sense of community is achieved in the context of the HDB housing estate and on the factors that give residents a sense of belonging and attachment to a place. Part of the research process includes examining the various narrative discourses that help paint a picture of how a sense of community is achieved in the built HDB environment. This includes both the official discourse provided by the government as well as alternative discourses found on the Internet, social media, library, museums, local film and literature. Filming and interviews were carried out during field investigations at a kampung in Singapore, the Toa Payoh HDB town estate and The Pinnacle.

The research findings is documented in the form of a book.


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Movie trailer for the book

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