The case of the missing truck cargo

Introduction An electronics box prototype to track missing cargo during lorry transport. This was implemented by the Sustainable Living Lab (SL2) at the Raitong Organics Farm in Northeastern Thailand. The whole process from ideation, iterative development, testing and deployment spanned about two weeks, including three days at the Raitong Farm in Thailand. Image: The Raitong […]

The making of the “Neobombe” prototype (electronics)

So my group of friends and I exhibited our “Neobombe” prototype at the Singapore Maker Faire last weekend. After submitting our proposal more than two months ago, we managed to scrap together a working prototype. It is far from perfect and has a lot of room for improvement. Given more time and budget, we could […]

Project 50plus – deploying sensors

I deployed some sensors for an exhibition called “50plus” targeted at senior citizens above 50 years old that promoted active aging and was held at Singapore’s Suntec convention centre a few weeks ago. It was sponsored by the government and corporate sponsors who showcased their products and services. My company’s project¬†was a huge interactive installation […]

Proposal for Singapore maker faire – the “Neobombe”

So some of my friends and I (our group has a name – “Art Makes Us“) decided to take part in the Maker Faire in Singapore this year. It will be held a primary school in Tampines sometime early July. Here is our project description: “Neobombe” is a scientific artwork based on the Turing machine […]