Hackers – origins

Interesting 30min documentary about the hacker culture that started in the US in the 1980s. Lots of famous hacker personalities. Without them, the information revolution would not have been possible. I find their dedication and passion infectious. They have a vision to change the world for the better through technology. And seeing young Richard Stallman […]

‘Clouds’ – an interactive documentary

This ‘Clouds’ documentary in the making has been generating a lot of buzz online, such as the one here on  Creative Applications Network, because it involves a number of famous new media artists coming together to make a documentary about new media art, tag lined as ‘creativity through the lens of code’. It also utilises a new movie […]

An interview with Andrew Bunnie Huang

Referenced article: “MAKE’s Exclusive Interview with Andrew (bunnie) Huang – The End of Chumby, New Adventures” I really respect this guy. He has a PhD from MIT and does open source projects with a community focus. He is very willing to share his expertise and experiences with others. He helps startups and has a very […]

Golan Levin speaks at FITC’s ETA Conference

This blog post is about Golan Levin’s presentation from FITC’s ETA Conference in Toronto, 19 October 2012. Slides are courtesy of FITC/ETA Conferences. This series of slides is a must read for any indie developers, independent new media artists, and those who work in the commercial advertising sector. The thrust of his argument is for the corporate […]

A new Processing library called Ketai

The open source community is one that I admire and respect greatly. They are made up of techie artists who create free tools and platforms for other artists to use. Members share their works openly and are willing to share their knowledge and help others in their projects. Some of these people write software libraries […]