The future of education is online

I believe that the future of education is online. Education will be accessible to anyone with an internet connection and who is willing to learn. I don’t believe in the traditional classroom-and-textbook method of learning because it is an outdated model that was borne out of the Industrial Revolution – whereby students learn a specific […]

Drawing realistic shoelaces – Photoshop exercise

Photoshop is really amazing. I followed an online tutorial to create photorealistic shoelaces, using just the pen tool, brushes, textures and layer effects. Although the difficulty level was rated as “beginner” with an estimated completion time of one hour, I took at least four hours doing this. I also could not follow a few of the […]

10 principles of good design – by Dieter Rams

My classmate showed me a book about industrial design “Less and More – The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams” which I thought was pretty interesting. To me, design is art applied to function, i.e. practical concerns. On the other hand, art is design applied to context (the “story/narrative/content” which makes up the purpose of the […]

The death of childhood in the electronic age

I have been researching on this topic the last few weeks as context for a potential artwork. Whether or not the artwork is realised, this topic actually has interesting implications on education, the law, culture and the notion of family. Among the few books and internet research that I did, Neil Postman’s 1994 book “The […]

My first post – Walt Disney’s & Salvador Dali – Destino 2003

I have decided to start a blog, partly out of impulse and boredom, but also for other reasons. For one, I would like to keep track of my growth as an artist, and this would mean chronicling my sources of inspiration and reference material. Secondly, I would like to share my knowledge with others, since […]