The making of Stop Motion – my thoughts

This project took me the better part of six months. There are about 5000 lines of code. It is also my first commercial project when I was still wet-behind-the-ears after graduating from LASALLE. Because of this project, I gained a fair bit of confidence in programming skills, and would say that I have moved on […]

‘Clouds’ – an interactive documentary

This ‘Clouds’ documentary in the making has been generating a lot of buzz online, such as the one here on  Creative Applications Network, because it involves a number of famous new media artists coming together to make a documentary about new media art, tag lined as ‘creativity through the lens of code’. It also utilises a new movie […]

Ballet Way of Life – Royal Ballet of Flanders

I am no small fan of dance. I respect dancers a lot. For every minute of their performance you see on stage, the time they spend preparing is multiplied many many times. The kind of discipline required to hone their bodies to be able to execute those strenuous moves and to practice till they become […]

My first post – Walt Disney’s & Salvador Dali – Destino 2003

I have decided to start a blog, partly out of impulse and boredom, but also for other reasons. For one, I would like to keep track of my growth as an artist, and this would mean chronicling my sources of inspiration and reference material. Secondly, I would like to share my knowledge with others, since […]