Poco Poco

  It is not easy to work with sound in general, to create pleasing or meaningful kinds of sound in media art. This sound object / installation from the IDEEA Lab (Interaction, Design, Entertainment, Education and Art) in the Graduate School of System Design Tokyo Metropolitan University has succeeded in creating a fun and engaging […]

Kinetic rain at Changi airport terminal 1

The making-of video is here. Consisting of 608 raindrops, this kinetic sculpture at Changi airport terminal one has been garnering much public attention and praise. The context and theme being “the dream of flying”, it takes on various shapes such as an aeroplane, moving waves and individual raindrops. I love the aesthetics, design and form of this […]

Interactive 3D display cases

This kind of interactive 3D display is actually a combination of using holography and creating an interactive user interface on a flat glass surface (called “Airstrike” here). The user finger points and interacts through hand gestures with the displayed object through an interactive glass surface. Here is a 45 second concept video of it in […]

The Red Dot Design Museum

Did you know that Singapore hosts the world’s only other red dot design museum outside of Germany? I had the chance to visit the museum within the Red Dot Traffic Building along Maxwell Road last Friday. The admission ticket is $8. There are about 200 award winning product and visual communication designs that supposedly give […]