Proposal for Singapore maker faire – the “Neobombe”

So some of my friends and I (our group has a name – “Art Makes Us“) decided to take part in the Maker Faire in Singapore this year. It will be held a primary school in Tampines sometime early July. Here is our project description: “Neobombe” is a scientific artwork based on the Turing machine […]

Sound visualisation

This visualisation of Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” is too beautiful not to share. The music and visuals create an experience akin to synesthesia. The music evokes one’s sense of proprioception of space via the moving shapes and colours. The author of this work is Stephen Malinowski, and it was done in 2011. Here’s another one by […]

Poco Poco

  It is not easy to work with sound in general, to create pleasing or meaningful kinds of sound in media art. This sound object / installation from the IDEEA Lab (Interaction, Design, Entertainment, Education and Art) in the Graduate School of System Design Tokyo Metropolitan University has succeeded in creating a fun and engaging […]

Make and share beautiful sound online

The Internet has shifted the power to produce and consume media content from the traditional big media conglomerates into the hands of ordinary people. In the area of music, websites like mixcloud and soundcloud are online platforms for people to share and distribute content, conveniently categorised into playlists or genres. Jango is another popular website for […]

The Red Dot Design Museum

Did you know that Singapore hosts the world’s only other red dot design museum outside of Germany? I had the chance to visit the museum within the Red Dot Traffic Building along Maxwell Road last Friday. The admission ticket is $8. There are about 200 award winning product and visual communication designs that supposedly give […]

“Interweave” – a Dance x Interactive Art collaboration at LASALLE

My seniors from the Interactive Art programme at LASALLE recently collaborated with dancers from the dance program to put on a show called “Interweave”. It was a successful show judging from comments from the dean of media arts and audience feedback. The interactive technology interweaved seamlessly with the dance choreography to produce an exciting and […]