“Abstraction” – my diploma graduation theatre project

The publicity event poster for the diploma graduation project I’m working on with my classmates as well as theatre students. I’m responsible for the sound operation for this show and designed a GUI in Pure Data to playback and mix sounds in real time. The theatre student I’m working with is rather experienced in mixing […]

Sound operator GUI

Created this GUI in Pure Data which allows me to playback sound samples and do some live effects, such as reverb and equalizer balance. There’s also features like fade in/out, spatialization of sound, stop/pause/play, skipping to any track position and speeding up/ slowing down the sound playback. It’s still a little buggy and not perfect […]

Mobile Mobile: an interactive installation

  One would never equate mobile phones with the idea of a choir right? The two things just don’t seem to match. But James Theophane did exactly that. Commissioned by an interactive agency in London, Theophane re-interpreted the idea of a Christmas tree as the focal point in a communal space. He came up with […]