Lumino Kinetic + Beyond

This was a Masters thesis project by a Japanese lady done last year in 2012. It is an incredibly beautiful work of art/design. It makes use of the properties of light to create an animated light sculpture in a piece of crystal placed on top of a mobile phone screen. The science behind this work […]

Kinetic rain at Changi airport terminal 1

The making-of video is here. Consisting of 608 raindrops, this kinetic sculpture at Changi airport terminal one has been garnering much public attention and praise. The context and theme being “the dream of flying”, it takes on various shapes such as an aeroplane, moving waves and individual raindrops. I love the aesthetics, design and form of this […]

The Red Dot Design Museum

Did you know that Singapore hosts the world’s only other red dot design museum outside of Germany? I had the chance to visit the museum within the Red Dot Traffic Building along Maxwell Road last Friday. The admission ticket is $8. There are about 200 award winning product and visual communication designs that supposedly give […]

“Interweave” – a Dance x Interactive Art collaboration at LASALLE

My seniors from the Interactive Art programme at LASALLE recently collaborated with dancers from the dance program to put on a show called “Interweave”. It was a successful show judging from comments from the dean of media arts and audience feedback. The interactive technology interweaved seamlessly with the dance choreography to produce an exciting and […]

“Abstraction” – my diploma graduation theatre project

The publicity event poster for the diploma graduation project I’m working on with my classmates as well as theatre students. I’m responsible for the sound operation for this show and designed a GUI in Pure Data to playback and mix sounds in real time. The theatre student I’m working with is rather experienced in mixing […]