Sound visualisation

This visualisation of Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” is too beautiful not to share. The music and visuals create an experience akin to synesthesia. The music evokes one’s sense of proprioception of space via the moving shapes and colours. The author of this work is Stephen Malinowski, and it was done in 2011. Here’s another one by […]

Lumino Kinetic + Beyond

This was a Masters thesis project by a Japanese lady done last year in 2012. It is an incredibly beautiful work of art/design. It makes use of the properties of light to create an animated light sculpture in a piece of crystal placed on top of a mobile phone screen. The science behind this work […]

Glitch art

  A six minute video on what glitch art is. We often get upset when technology doesn’t work – files are unreadable, billboards show flickering images, screen images throwing up random pixels. But what if glitches can be seen as beautiful? Technology is not perfect, just as how human beings are not perfect. Glitches represent […]

What is data journalism?

To answer this question, let’s turn to the source of all modern knowledge, Wikipedia :- Data-driven journalism is a journalistic process based on analyzing and filtering large data sets for the purpose of creating a new story. Data-driven journalism deals with open data that is freely available online and analyzed with open source tools. Data-driven journalism strives to reach new levels […]

French data visualisation experts Dataveyes create an interactive map of Rennes

A really excellent example of what data visualisation can do. It compresses Big Data into a visually understandable form and a compact space that can be navigated and explored in an open-ended manner. Interactive map found here. Description as follows:-

User interface design

User interface design is important because it affects how one interacts with technology. It is a multi-disciplinary skill that includes graphic design, psychology, and also understanding the workflow process and functionality of the product. A good user interface design makes the product easy to use, which results in a remarkably intuitive behaviour on the part […]

Drawing realistic shoelaces – Photoshop exercise

Photoshop is really amazing. I followed an online tutorial to create photorealistic shoelaces, using just the pen tool, brushes, textures and layer effects. Although the difficulty level was rated as “beginner” with an estimated completion time of one hour, I took at least four hours doing this. I also could not follow a few of the […]

The Red Dot Design Museum

Did you know that Singapore hosts the world’s only other red dot design museum outside of Germany? I had the chance to visit the museum within the Red Dot Traffic Building along Maxwell Road last Friday. The admission ticket is $8. There are about 200 award winning product and visual communication designs that supposedly give […]