Hobby Electronic Light Gadgets


July 2013

A series of three light gadgets presented at the Singapore Mini Maker Faire in 2013, made during my student days.

1. Night Lantern – A bedside lantern for children who are afraid to sleep in the dark. The lantern turns on and gets brighter as the surroundings get darker. I used a mooncake packaging box, some translucent pattern paper and a light-dependent resistor circuit to create this.

2. Twin Crystal Lamp – An unconventional lamp that turns on using conductive material instead of wires. I used the same concept as battery holders in conventional electronics. Made from scatch using acrylic, balsa wood and soldered electronics. Inspired by the crystals in Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.

3. Arc Reactor – The arc reactor that powers Ironman’s suit. A geek homage to the Marvel superhero.


My booth at smmf13
My booth at smmf13

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