The making of Stop Motion – my thoughts

This project took me the better part of six months. There are about 5000 lines of code. It is also my first commercial project when I was still wet-behind-the-ears after graduating from LASALLE. Because of this project, I gained a fair bit of confidence in programming skills, and would say that I have moved on […]

My first hackathon

Had the opportunity to take part in a hackathon – my first to be exact. The hackathon was about gathering software developers, creatives, UX/graphic designers or anyone interested to make a mobile game app. The client is Coca-Cola and the creative brief was to put across the message that a can of coke classic only […]

The Singapore Mini-Maker Faire 2013

This was the second year of the event held on the last weekend of July. While I was a visitor last year, I became a participant this year with my own maker booth entitled “Hobby Electronic Light Gadgets” where I displayed some of my DIY light gadgets. It was held at the Scape Warehouse. This […]

Leap Motion gesture based technology interface

Technology watchers are saying that gesture based technology ala Minority Report will be the next big thing after the touchscreen. A lot of eyes are looking at the Leap Motion controller which only costs USD70 and can track the user’s hand movements to a hundredth of a millimeter. Check out the Youtube video seen by […]