The making of Stop Motion – my thoughts

This project took me the better part of six months. There are about 5000 lines of code. It is also my first commercial project when I was still wet-behind-the-ears after graduating from LASALLE. Because of this project, I gained a fair bit of confidence in programming skills, and would say that I have moved on […]

A new Processing library called Ketai

The open source community is one that I admire and respect greatly. They are made up of techie artists who create free tools and platforms for other artists to use. Members share their works openly and are willing to share their knowledge and help others in their projects. Some of these people write software libraries […]

“Abstraction” – my diploma graduation theatre project

The publicity event poster for the diploma graduation project I’m working on with my classmates as well as theatre students. I’m responsible for the sound operation for this show and designed a GUI in Pure Data to playback and mix sounds in real time. The theatre student I’m working with is rather experienced in mixing […]