Kinetic rain at Changi airport terminal 1

The making-of video is here. Consisting of 608 raindrops, this kinetic sculpture at Changi airport terminal one has been garnering much public attention and praise. The context and theme being “the dream of flying”, it takes on various shapes such as an aeroplane, moving waves and individual raindrops. I love the aesthetics, design and form of this […]

Sound operator GUI

Created this GUI in Pure Data which allows me to playback sound samples and do some live effects, such as reverb and equalizer balance. There’s also features like fade in/out, spatialization of sound, stop/pause/play, skipping to any track position and speeding up/ slowing down the sound playback. It’s still a little buggy and not perfect […]

Learning how to program “Programming is, without a doubt, the most mentally rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Programming taught me that life should be fun, filled with creativity, and lived to the fullest. Programming taught me that anything is possible; I can do anything I want using only my mind. Programming also taught me that learning is fun. […]